“Deloss is a reliable and knowledgeable professional that has provided his insurance services to my family for many years. He is always available when I have an inquiry.”

— Stephanie


Insurance Agents typically fall into one of two categories:

Exclusive agents are restricted to offering only one specific company’s insurance products. These captive agents may also be required to sell other products from that company, such as annuities, life insurance and investment plans. While these agents may be knowledgeable and provide good products, they are limited by the scope of what they can offer.

Buseman Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency offering our clients products from a variety of different insurance companies. We review multiple policies and pricing options to find one that best protects your interests. That’s the real value in choosing an independent insurance agent—more choices, knowledgeable advice and personalized service.

Common Problems, Outstanding Solutions

I’m tired of shopping for insurance every year. When my rates go up, I have to start all over with a new agent I’ve never even met.
Unlike other agencies, Buseman Insurance Group is not restricted to any one provider, eliminating the need to change agencies as your insurance needs change. If your premium goes up and you have to make a policy change, you won’t need to find a new agent. In fact, we save you valuable time because we shop the insurance marketplace for you.

I talk to a different insurance agent every time I call with a question. Just keeping track of which policy is where gets so complicated - I can’t keep it all straight.
Buseman Insurance Group is truly a full service agency, able to address all your insurance concerns.
You need to know just one agency, one phone number, one agent and all your insurance is served by an experienced consultant to insure your home, renters, auto, business, life and health.

When I called my insurance company after my auto accident, they didn’t even ask if I was OK. Why is insurance so impersonal when it affects me personally?
We work for you, not the insurance company. Should you ever suffer a loss, we are your first advocate. We’ll be here, assisting you every step of the way, to ensure your claim is settled quickly and fairly.

Sure, I have insurance, but how do I know if I have the right coverage?
At Buseman Insurance Group, we advise our clients about appropriate amounts of insurance coverage. As an experienced independent insurance agency, we consult with you to determine the insurance protection program that’s tailored for your exact needs. We then review each policy with you, explaining the “why” behind our recommendation.

Customer Reviews

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: I have been a recipient of Buseman Insurance services for a few years now. From the start, I have received excellent guidance and answers to my home & auto insurance needs. Simply put, I left USAA because I was able to find a stronger and more wallet friendly policy through Buseman Insurance. Do it right, go with Buseman Insurance. You won't regret it!

Tanya S
RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: We love having and agent. We can call Deloss for quick and efficient service and advice. Also having a variety of insurance companies to choose from has been important to me. His office does all the leg work in finding the best price and coverage for my family. Finally, we were involved in the 2013 Black Forest fire and the policy was very comprehensive in covering our loss. The claims representative did a good job!

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Deloss Buseman has provided wonderful service and I highly recommend his group. When I have needed his service with a claim he is quick to get the process moving and follows through to completion. He also checks in with me on a regular basis to ensure our coverage is correct and we make adjustments as needed.

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Deloss really takes time to understand your specific needs and discusses all the possibilities of necessary coverage which most people don't think about. And for a better price!

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Professional, friendly and quick response time to all our needs. Would recommend to anyone interested in saving money and getting the best coverage available.

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Great customer service and always very quick to handle your questions.

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Deloss and his staff have always been very helpful and conscientious in providing me with the help and advice that I need. It is great knowing that he has my back when it comes to finding the best deal and the coverage that I need.

RATING: 4 of 5
COMMENTS: I have valued my professional relationship with Deloss and his staff over many years. I particularly like when he watches out for increasing premiums and offers alternatives toward reducing my insurance costs. Kevin Parker CPA, CFP

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: I have had two unfortunate events that required a claim, I have been very pleased with the recommendations to change insurance company as the claims have gone very smoothly. We also enjoy the personal touch! Thanks Brandon

RATING: 5 of 5
COMMENTS: Very responsive

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